Code, Discover, Conquer🤺

Developing my Mobile Treasure Hunt game on Android while employing Chat GPT has been an exciting and rewarding adventure thus far. However, there are still challenges you will encounter while taking on such an endeavor. As part of a team of three, each working on our own versions of this game while incorporating AI tools… Continue reading Code, Discover, Conquer🤺

Momentum 🎢🌊

We’re building momentum! I have about five weeks left to deliver my alpha version of the Mobile Treasure Hunt game (titled “Treasure Trek”) and the journey thus far has been a fun and rewarding one. The image above is a screenshot from my Android emulator for the “StartPage” of the game, where I used Midjourney… Continue reading Momentum 🎢🌊

Becoming a Coding Ninja 🥷🏾

The featured image above is the AI Coder project team, comprised of myself, Sophia Cai, and Alec Temes as imagined by Midjourney v5. Our unique R&D project serves as an extraordinary opportunity to delve into the new and revolutionary field of AI-assisted development. Our project will result in three versions of a “Mobile Treasure Hunt”… Continue reading Becoming a Coding Ninja 🥷🏾