Exploring how tourism is affecting your town…

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    Too little tourism? Too much Tourism! Join us as our students explore how tourism is affecting your town, and as we balance to meet the needs of both you and your visitors!

    Greetings and welcome to the Official Blog of the Oregon State University-Cascades Tourism Lab!  We the students here at the OSU Cascades Tourism Lab are on a journey to discover how tourism has been affecting various towns across the United States. We also endeavor to study other countries that carry similar concerns around tourism such as our trip to Costa Rica. Our mission is to help find ways in which we can help understand and improve the tourism industry in a multitude of areas, ultimately bringing about sustainable and beneficial solutions that will help with the balance of everyday life in your area. This of course is only achievable thanks to the help of residents and visitors like you.

    Throughout our blog posts, we hope to create a space in which residents, policymakers, businesses, and professionals in tourism, can understand the data that has been found and collected in your towns, cities, and countries. These posts will also hopefully serve as a communal space in which all parties can come together and have meaningful dialog about the subject Not only are we doing our best to help you, but also helping our students expand themselves in the ever-changing world of hospitality. Expect to see photos and stories from our adventures!

    Stay tuned for future blog posts as we invite you to join our students as they press forward in finding what is happening in your communities and explore solutions to building a balance between visitors’ and community members’ needs.