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Suitcase Lessons

in Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences


July 2nd, 2012

iceberg photo
If you’re an educator in grades K-6, Suitcase Lessons provide an excellent introduction to Earth, oceanographic, and atmospheric sciences for your students. They were developed by CEOAS researchers and elementary school teachers under a federal NSF GeoEducation grant.

For example, the lesson Icebergs and Sea Ice is based on fundamental science principles, the process of scientific research and the excitement of discovery. Through demonstrations and hands-on activities, students discover where to find icebergs, how they are formed and their names and attributes.


Suitcase lessons were developed by M. Torres, K. Falkner and M. Feldberg of Oregon State University and S. McAuliffe and were funded as part of a National Science Foundation GeoEducation grant (GEO-0224566).

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