Successful training

My experience with a successful training was with the beginner training for Miller Timber to fight fighters as an entry level employee. I found the training to be successful for all that participated in it because it was a group hands on exercise that allowed all of us new hires to become familiar with the company process and skills we as individuals needed to know. The training consisted of knowledge that covered everyone in the crew to gain a comprehensive idea of how the operation works. A fitness test was also involved to ensure everyone could perform the physical duties and could keep up with production and in case of emergency scenarios. The last activity was a group training session in the field learning and practicing hand crew techniques as a group. The individual skills and abilities were taught as well as the teamwork required to complete the job. This whole process ensured everyone who passed was able to do the work and had the same knowledge level. 

Unsuccessful training

The unsuccessful training I have been a part of was at a healthcare job. The beginning of the training was classroom work to orientate the new employees to medical terms and knowledge relating to the job. The knowledge was very general and there were still lots of terms and knowledge that could have been used further in the training. The systems and document that were required to interact with were also not gone over until the on the job training creating a steeper learning curve once on the job training was reached. The next phase of training involved on the job training paired with a trainer to learn how the system worked and the process with each patient. As more shifts were worked the trainers allowed more and more of the pages to be filled out by the new employees as we got used to the system. Eventually the work was all done by the employees and checked over by the trainers. The downfall of this system was the inconsistency of the trainers as they would all have different feedback and ways of writing creating completely different feedback with every trainer. This was not helpful because there was no consistency or ability to correct mistakes because of the unique way every trainer approached the documents.