Capstone Emulator Project Update 3

This week has gone well. The team has made great progress in getting organized. We have had 3 meetings and the last one was particularly well structured thanks our members taking initiative. We mainly went over the content of our project plan. I was responsible for the program structure and I was happy to have received good feedback on that. Everyone did great work so even after carefully going through great section we found little to add or change from what we had which is always a good sign. The diagrams and charts were on point and we concluded the meeting after turning it in.

The next task is to finish the disassembler. Each member will be implementing their version of it. The standup meeting posts revealed that we are all more a less bit rusty when it comes to programming so I think having everyone kind of dive-in in their own way will be very valuable to getting us all in the zone again. Programming is a bit like riding a bike in my experience. There’s a certain muscle memory aspect to it that’s hard to describe since it’s certainly not about the typing. I guess it’s a bit like math exercises in a sense. Anyways, I’m confident that by the next meeting we will all be a little bit more practiced and have a lot of insights to share with each other.

After that I think I will do a deep dive into the i8080’s manual and opcodes. I also plan on taking a good look at how two of my previous personal projects implemented their gameloop algorithms. While an emulator isn’t a game, the a gameloop algorithm made for 60fps will be valuable in implementing a 60hz space invaders emulator. I know that I had iterated on it twice so I look forward to reviewing the differences and taking those learnings into the new emulator as appropriate for the context.

Space Invaders Emulator Week 2

There has been good progress from a conceptual understanding standpoint with this project. I am very excited to work on an emulation. Our team has gone over the resources provided with the project description and have compiled the assets needed to begin develop the Space Invaders emulator. I was able to read through the emulator101 guide and use it to springboard onto other great resources for Intel 8080 emulation.

One particular recommendation I made to the team was the we proceed with the SDL2 graphics library for graphics. This is a very popular library in the emulation community that I had success using in my CHIP-8 emulator personal project from last year. Our teams seems very organized and we have had 2 meetings so far. While emulation can be a daunting task conceptually it seems we are all on the same page when it comes to taking it one bite at a time. I am very happy with the team so far and I think we will create a wonderful project.

I volunteered to give the architectural outline and overview for how I see our code being organized in our project plan. I feel that although the i8080 is quite a step up from the pseudo-chip that was CHIP-8, that my experience will prove to be valuable to the team. I remember how I structured the code and what a massive task it seemed at the beginning but I think it’s important to have a well thought out idea for how the design will be from the beginning. Good planning can go a long way to limit the code wrangling that can come up in the middle of the quarter. All in all I am very satisfied with how things are going and I look forward to giving a more exciting blog post next week once we begin working on the disassembler.

Capstone Introduction

An introduction to myself and the blog

Greetings. My name is Gregory Stula and I’m excited to start the final class in the OSU CS Post Bacc program and finish my degree. I have been in the program on and off for a while but most recently started with a commitment to finish around 2019. I have learned quite a bit in this program and I am very thankful for the staff at OSU for making it so great. There have been a few moments in my life when I had nothing to do but these courses and they definitely kept me busy. I love programming and it has always been nice to keep touch with the OSU CS community and have like minded people around to work and communicate with. While I am excited to work on this final project I will be a little sad closing this chapter in my life. However, all good things must come to an end and I am positive that this degree will open many doors for me. I am proud to have worked on this CS degree and OSU I can definitely recommend this program to others.

I am currently looking for work but I have worked in various Data positions at different companies including Uber. I really want to break through as a software engineer as that is where my true enjoyment of work lies. I really enjoy problem solving in this space. I find satisfaction solving problems both big and small. As long as I can write code, I don’t mind the task. I am really excited to work with my teammates this quarter and I look forward to working diligently and cooperatively.

My best programming language is C++. I applied for a C/C++ project that I really hope I get to work on this quarter. It would be a very nice summary of everything I’ve learned through this program and would be a most satisfactory way to sign off before graduation. If I do not get it, however, I won’t be upset. There are other projects that seem like they would be just as fun. Again, as long as I can write code I will be happy to solve problems and fix bugs.

I look forward to documenting my journey in this blog. I’ve never actually used wordpress to blog before so maybe I will learn something new and find a new outlet to express myself. I hope to make this blog look a lot nicer over time but for now I will stick with the defaults, more or less. Thank you for reading and wish my luck on my final step in my OSU journey.