Based on the tests I don’t have as much stress as others could have in my life because I currently have few life events that would cause major stress. Of course this will most likely change later in my life but my other test results show I am good with managing and reducing stress using productive outlets. To progress through my career managing stress I can create lists to ensure I am not overwhelmed by the tasks I need to complete and to give myself a schedule to complete work. If I am behind or feel like I won’t make deadlines, having a list will be able to allow me to show my boss and coworkers what I am struggling with and potentially share the load. 

Other organizations are helping employees be more aware of the stress they have in their jobs and interrupt behaviors that create stress. If the programs introduced by companies can help employees recognize stress and stressors at work the employees will be able to learn and apply skills to be able to minimize those stress and stressors. Some of the stress employees are “low wages or salaries, lack of opportunity for advancement or growth, too heavy a workload, unrealistic job expectations and long hours.” (Wilkie, 2022). These stressors are put on employees and need to be managed by them but also realized by the managers in charge to help employees when the stressors affect their work. Some methods managers may implement are breaks during the day from work to quickly reset and participate in hobbies to break away completely from work once the workday is over. Another way to reduce stress is to make sure no more than one or two of the five stressors mentioned above are present for any given employee. When the stressors start adding up it will negatively affect employees but if only one is present it can be manageable. 

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