Reid Strange – OSU Capstone Project

  • OSU Capstone Part 3

    So far, the capstone project is going quite well. It’s been interesting and challenging to learn new technologies and apply them to creating our “Modular Quoting System” app. One of the keys to the success of our project so far has been good communication. Microsoft Teams has proven to be an effective communication tool for […]

  • OSU Capstone Part 2

    My final quarter of the OSU post-baccalaureate computer science program is now well underway. I’ve met with my project group several times, and we’ve begun to make some decisions about our project’s design and the technologies we’ll be using to build it. The Front End Since our project is a cross-platform app, we had to […]

  • OSU CS Capstone Introduction

    Why did you choose to go into Computer Science? My name is Reid, and I’m currently in my final quarter of the OSU Post-bacc CS program. I chose to study computer science because it’s something I’ve been interested in since I was very young. I started learning to program using BASIC to make text-based adventure […]