#4 – C++ is hard

This week I encountered some difficulties when it actually came time to write some code for my capstone project, the Space Invaders Emulator. As I’ve written about in previous posts, my team is writing a space invaders emulator in C++. I have almost no experience with C++, so going into this class I knew I’d… Continue reading #4 – C++ is hard

#3: how emulation saved Melee

I’m writing this post to document my thought process as I work through building a Space Invaders Emulator as my capstone project. The biggest challenge with this project are that I have no experience with emulation, and we are writing the software in C++, with which I have very limited experience. I took 2 classes… Continue reading #3: how emulation saved Melee

#2: this quarter

We are halfway through week 2 of this quarter and things are ramping up! Between the capstone class (467), Usability Engineering (352) and Mobile Development (492), I’m going to be very busy. I have big quarter-long projects in 352 and 467 that are going to require a lot of work, but should be fun and… Continue reading #2: this quarter

#1 Looking back

I made it! I have made it to my final quarter at OSU! One quarter to rule them all and in the GPA bind them. It’s been a busy 2 years but I’m excited to be moving forward in a new job, in a new career, in a new city. With this blog98888888888888888888888888888888888 (my cat… Continue reading #1 Looking back