5 Ways to Improve Marketing Personas

While slowly learning about how marketing fits in to the business world and all the different aspects of marketing itself, it seems like there comes a time when you realize that you actually have to apply it in a job! Fear not, learning about Marketing personas or also known as, Buyer Personas will definitely save you the trouble in the future.

When you are sorting through your emails or even text messages, there are a handful of us that don’t even read what an email says and just sends it right into the spam category or even the trash. It seems like if your eyes do not see an important email from someone that you know, you will quickly disregard that whole email without even thinking twice about it. If I am someone that does that, and even marketing people do it all the time, what makes us marketers think that the people we are sending emails too about important sales or whatnot are not doing the same exact thing? Exactly, there is no possible way of virtually seeing if anyone is even looking at your email, besides if you get more sales or something but this blog is besides that. Today my friends, we will be talking about 5 different ways to improve marketing personas, and through all that, we will also be discussing reasons why this is so important.

  1. Humanizing

First things first, personas help you humanize your audience. Without this important tip, it would seem like you are just sending a bunch of different emails to random computers and that is no fun at all. It would be so hard to make it so an actual human would want to read your email… no one likes reading a bunch of words on a digital screen and it making no sense at all.


A very important tip that I can give you is that you have to think about your customers in the right way. One of the only ways you can find out about your customers and how they are is by asking questions. These questions have to be revolved around them and they have to mean something. For example, a couple questions you could ask is “How old are you?” or “What do you do?” or “Where are you located”?. These are all great questions to make sure your persona asks the right questions. Without this tip, it would seem like you do not really care about your customers and you are just trying to sell and object, without any human relationship.


Creating a template is very important and will save you and your business a lot of time. Most people do not realize that templates are really easy to use and very time efficient. There is also a stereotype that you have to pay for a good template but that is also false. The link will be included here ( Templates are really easy to use but also need to have specific information in order for it to be useful. For example, a template should include questions about themselves, such as the questions that I have listed in the second tip above. This data point is very important and will be one of the biggest tips in helping you create a better marketing persona.

4. Content

For the fourth tip, you want to make sure you draft an email up that is useful for your audience. You want to make it seem like to your audience that you are giving them important facts and to make sure to not be repetitive. Being repetitive is the fastest way for your audience to lose interest and completely screw up your marketing scheme. A really key type of email to know is triggered emails. A triggered email is basically when a person that is debating whether to, or not to buy a product from your business and it is in the cart and they exit the page without purchasing your product. It is a really good type of email because it reminds them of the product they were thinking of buying and there is a chance that they will end up buying it because of the email. Another important type of email is on-boarding email. This is basically when a new user joins your business such as if they sign up for an account or maybe they put their email down for a subscription. An email is sent to them as a welcoming email and I personally think that is a really good idea. Even if you know that everyone who signs up gets this email, it is still very welcoming and some people will still appreciate it.


Probably the most important tip is to make your persona realistic. Being realistic is key and will help you in the long run. For example, if one company was being really fake and did not resonate being real with their customer, why would anyone want to buy anything from them. If word gets around that company XY is fake, they would not make it in the world.

All in all, these are my 5 tips to improve marketing personas. Too many people just brush this important subject over and it does not do their company justice. They spend thousands of dollars marketing but do not work on their persona. Don’t be like them. Be better!


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