Post #3 : Project Update

I contribute where I can. I try to keep up with the team, but I spend most of my time trying to understand what our code is doing, so I can properly look up issues related to the new features we are implementing. There have been several contributions I have worked on that went un-merged.… Continue reading Post #3 : Project Update

Post #2 : Design Details

For our team’s project, we need to implement a client facing Tetris-like design feature for developing custom roof rack configurations. The client is already using a Shopify storefront so it was prioritized that this feature be compatible with Shopify. This has lead to many challenges and dead-ends. The team has decided that the react library,… Continue reading Post #2 : Design Details

Post #1 – Introduction

Hello Everyone! My name is Mason Stephenson, I have a bachelors degree in chemical engineering from Oklahoma State University, and currently reside in Oklahoma. I have a 3 year old corgi, and enjoy gardening, kayaking, and pottery. I am eager to shift careers, and finish the post-bacc in computer science. I went into computer science… Continue reading Post #1 – Introduction

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