Phase A Day 1

Today we have learned the following:

1. To introduce ourselves and our major.
2. To spell our name, using DIN 5009 (DIN=Deutsches Institut für Normung). For more on DIN, click HERE.
3. To pronounce the German letters and make German sounds.
4. To count in German from 0 to infinity. Here is how to write them and how to form them.

For the next meeting you should have:

1. Created your learning blog and your “textbook” wiki (this can be one blog). Please use for your blog, and share the blog with your peers on our Blackboard site in the discussion board.
2. Added information about the following concepts to the blog (I added some links already, but please check out the other sources I provided): articles/ gender, the verb haben, the verb sein,nominative pronounsquestion words.
3. Reviewed spelling and numbers.

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