Stress Management- Importance of Work-Life Balance and Healthy Routines

I have always been a type-A personality; however, I have learned over time how to better manage my stress. This is certainly still a work in progress but taking the three stress tests was very showing of how far I have come. I previously worked full-time in a position that had extreme last-minute demands, high… Continue reading Stress Management- Importance of Work-Life Balance and Healthy Routines

Amazon Driver Individual-based Incentives

One of my friends is a delivery associate for Amazon. He has shared with me a variety of individual-based incentives that Amazon offers to motivate their delivery employees. Individual-based incentives are rewards for employees whose work is performed independently. Typically, they are based on objective standards, but the standards can be both objective and subjective… Continue reading Amazon Driver Individual-based Incentives

Adapt Your Training to Your Trainees

Two contrasting training experiences I have had include drivers education and onboarding for an organizing company. I found drivers education training very beneficial and effective for a few reasons. First, the course took place over multiple months with a couple sessions a week, each dedicated to a specific topic. As described in our lecture dividing… Continue reading Adapt Your Training to Your Trainees

Tests of Intelligence?

The Implicit Attitude Test (IAT) was trying to automatically associate the concept of ‘Women’ with the concept of ‘I Am Sexually Attracted’. My results showed that I have a strong association of sexual attraction with People, compared to Women. I believe that this is strongly influenced by my work in fashion and due to the… Continue reading Tests of Intelligence?

Interviewee’s Perspective

Interviewee’s Perspective– Analyzing a Small Design Firms Interview and Screening Process Reflecting on a past interview experience for a visual design-based position, I wanted to highlight some of the effective and ineffective elements throughout the process. First, the interview was hosted in a workshare space, which felt very informal and there were many distractions. At… Continue reading Interviewee’s Perspective

Do Job Descriptions Affect Job Satisfaction?

A few years ago, I read through a job description for an Assistant Professional Organizing position. It seemed too good to be true, assisting clients in organizing, a plethora of training opportunities to grow within the organization, and ultimately a part-time position where I could create my own schedule. I couldn’t have applied quicker. Unfortunately,… Continue reading Do Job Descriptions Affect Job Satisfaction?

The Importance of Good Management

Employees from the 2020 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For were quoted on what they enjoyed most about their organization. Three company responses, Nationwide, Regeneron, and Intuit stood out to me, because of how various HR functional areas were the basis for their employee’s testimonies. Nationwide is a ‘champion of diversity and prides itself… Continue reading The Importance of Good Management