January 2020 Progress Report

Proposed Timeline for Implementation

ActivityBy When
Finalize template and example contentJune 2021
Publish first 100 pages of contentDecember 2021
Public launch for base contentSpring 2022
Engage Oregonians with social marketing campaign and evaluation programSpring 2022
Publish second batch of content focused on Oregon specialty crops.2023-2024
Perform evaluation, communicate annual reports, update content, respond to emerging pest challenges, and maintain website and internet security.Through 2030
Projections based on current funding.

Annual Reporting

We will provide yearly reports to the community.

November 2019 Progress Report

January 2018 Report

There are three components to this report:

  1. Purpose statement
  2. Stakeholder requirements report prepared by the OSU team
  3. Outreach and engagement report prepared by Samara Group LLC

June 2016 Project Report

  • Stakeholder Requirements Report
    • Pesticide risk reduction communications plan
    • Site development plan
    • Content development plan
    • Technology development plan
    • Review process
    • Site maintenance plan
    • Marketing plan
    • Evaluation plan
    • Appendix 8: Sample content pages
    • Appendix 9: Content outline
  • Discovery Process (Appendix 1–Appendix 7)
    • Appendix 1: Discovery process participation
    • Appendix 2: Focus group notes
    • Appendix 3: Initial online survey (anonymous survey results)
    • Appendix 4: Initial online survey (non-anonymous survey results)
    • Appendix 5: Follow-up online survey of stakeholder requirements
    • Appendix 6: Focus group for pesticide risk reduction communications
    • Appendix 7: Background demographic research
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