Social Media, it’s not just a way to tell (or show) everyone what you had for lunch anymore, it’s actually how many of use now work, and if you’re not, you really should. “But isn’t social media just a big waste of time?”, you ask, “I mean, isn’t it all just silly cat photos and stupid videos of people doing stupid things?”. Well, to be fair, there is a lot of that online, but social media is so much more than that. Social media allows anyone with access to the internet to become a publisher and connect with others in ways that traditional ways of communication can not. For example, Twitter has been used by protesters to overthrow governments and every day millions of people learn new skills and share them with others via YouTube, increasing the world’s collective knowledge base at pace traditional publishing can’t even touch. Social media also allows you to collaborate with others across the globe and participate in virtual communities, breaking down barriers of time and place.

So how can you harness the power of social media and the internet to help you work better and smarter? The purpose of this blog will be to answer just that. We will be showing you how staff, faculty and students use these tools to reach out and connect with others within Oregon State University, across Oregon, and beyond.

For those of you who are already using social media for work, please let us know so we can showcase it!


The OSU Outreach & Engagement Social Media Innovation Team

Social Media Marketing

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