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College Readiness Materials

Posted August 21st, 2014 by Laura Gordon

On The Road To College_OSUorangeOnBlack_noSMILE

At our recent Teacher’s Workshop, the high school teachers had a conversation about better preparing SMILE students to enter college.  The SMILE Program recognizes that the process of preparing to attend college to pursue a rewarding career can be very daunting, and there is no one perfect resource for each teacher, student, or family member to assist with the process. In order to address the many needs of teachers, students, and parents, we have compiled some information and resources on the SMILE website about the college preparation and application processes. We hope that you find these resources very helpful in talking and connecting with your students and their families. We not only want students to be academically qualified for college, but we want them to be financially, emotionally, and socially prepared. Follow this link to view our “On the Road to College” page:

Additionally, the Office of Federal Student Aid has released a comprehensive College Preparation Checklist to help students and families in the college preparation process. This checklist starts at ages as young as elementary school, and includes information for both parents and students about financial aid, admissions, and other important factors that contribute to the preparation process. Click here to access a PDF copy of the checklist.

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