Unionization, is it worth the effort?

Unions formed as a group of workers within the same trade protect their interests by improving compensation, hours worked, and working conditions. Most unionized jobs are in public service-based industries like teachers, mechanics, police officers, janitors, writers, and factory workers, to name a few. Basically, professions requiring manual labor. I noticed that most unionized positions… Continue reading Unionization, is it worth the effort?

Understanding Employee Stress

Taking the Life Stress Inventory, Coping and Stress Management Skills Test, and Type A Personality Survey helped me to learn a lot about my personal level of stress. The Coping and Stress Management Skills Test indicated that my Problem-Focused Coping was a 79. This means that I use problem-focused strategies in situations that are changeable.… Continue reading Understanding Employee Stress

The Relationship between Compensation and Behavior

Jane Smith had a great career and excelled in her corporate role as the Houston Hoteling and Conference Services Supervisor. The issue was she had reached the highest peak within her current role. She was reaching this peak, while a tremendous milestone, put Jane in the position of being maxed out in available compensation with… Continue reading The Relationship between Compensation and Behavior

That’s not my job!!!

I am sure each of have heard this statement during your career. You may have even been the one making it, or at least thinking it! Let’s be honest, we all have heard, said, or thought this exact statement.  So what does it really mean for us, as managers? The statement, “that is not my job,”… Continue reading That’s not my job!!!

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