Recent Publications

EM 9291Fire FAQs — Are Structures Fuel? The Wildland Urban Interface and the ‘Built’ Environment. Daniel Leavell, Stephen A. Fitzgerald, Carrie Berger, Gavin Horn. We now need to consider structures themselves as a fuel type contributing to wildfires, along with other potentially hazardous fuel such as wood piles, propane tanks and automobiles. In this context, the home defense (ignition) zone and all the needed mitigation strategies take on a heightened importance and urgency.

EM 9247, The Home Ignition Zone: Protecting Your Property from Wildfire. Max Bennett, Clint Nichols. Wildfire is inevitable — learn what you need to know to prepare your home and property. Handy worksheets help you assess each zone of your property to reduce the threat wildfires pose. This publication is one of a series of Land Steward Rural Resource Guidelines.

EM 9226, Prescribed Burning in SW Oregon: A Case Study. Max Bennett, Marty Main, Stephen Fitzgerald. This publication describers a case study of prescribed underburning on a private woodland in southwest Oregon. It is part of the “Alternative Silvilculture” series and is a companion publication to Mixed Conifer and Hardwood Management in Southwest Oregon (EM 9084).

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