Maps and Data

Rogue Basin All-Lands Forest Restoration Explorer

Welcome to the Rogue Basin All-Lands Forest Restoration Explorer. Here you’ll find maps and other geospatial data related to wildfire, fuels reduction, prescribed fire, timber harvest, and other past and planned vegetation management projects. Our objective is to support collaborative planning, prioritization and monitoring of forest restoration projects across public and private lands in the Rogue Basin. This website is under construction but can be accessed now. Check out the maps and map applications on wildfire history, past treatments, and 2018 wildfire severity.

Here’s a video overview of the site and short tutorial.

Monitoring Wildfires and Smoke

In the past week most of us have spent countless hours browsing the web for current information about the local and regional wildfires, as well as smoke levels and air quality.  There is a lot of information out there – almost too much, perhaps? Here are some of the websites I’ve found most useful for monitoring wildfires.    Overall they are pretty similar in the information they present, but their basemaps, available data, and user interfaces vary; check them out to see which appeal the most to you.  

State of Oregon Fires and Hotspots Dashboard (fire perimeter maps, evacuation maps, quick snapshots of each fire, other data)
Raptor 2D (fire perimeter maps, evacuation maps, air quality, other data)
Northwest Coordination Group (NWCG)-Intterra (fire perimeter maps, hotspots, lot of other data – more complicated to use)
Northwest Large Fire Interactive Web Map (fire perimeter maps, fire summary data, most basic site, easy to use)

For monitoring air quality in general and smoke levels in particular, the US EPA’s AirNow site is helpful.  I particularly like the Fire and Smoke map which includes data not just from the few local DEQ sensors used for the DEQ Air Quality Index map but also the more abundant Purple Air sensors which provide a finer-grained picture of local air quality.  

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