Oregon Department of Forestry Cost Share and Incentive Programs (Southwest Oregon)

Oregon Department of Forestry Cost Share & Incentive Programs (Southwest Oregon)

By Nick Haile, Oregon Department of Forestry

Stand improvement and other forestry work is expensive. Participation in cost-share programs can reduce costs and provide technical assistance to landowners. Technical forestry knowledge and technical assistance for forest landowners in Jackson and Josephine County is available through Oregon Department of Forestry free of charge.

  • Forest Management Plan Development
  • Wildfire Preparedness & Defensible Space
  • Forest Fragmentation
  • Wildlife Habitat Improvement
  • Timber Harvesting
  • Invasive Plants & Insect Controls
  • Forest Road Development
  • Surface Water/Erosion Issues
  • Planting & Reforestation
  • Small Woodlands Contacts, etc.

Stewardship Forest Management Plan

Funds may be available through the Stewardship Plan Program for up to 75% of the cost of a consultant-written Stewardship Plan. This plan is tailored specifically to a landowner’s property to provide a long term big picture plan to achieve their goals and objectives. The typical out-of-pocket cost to the owner is $250-$500 depending on acreage. Management plans are extremely useful and are required for some other cost share programs. Landowners interested in cost share assistance for stewardship plans should contact ODF. For more information, contact Stewardship Forester Nick Haile 541 664 3328 (Southwest Oregon District-ODF).

ODF Bark Beetle Mitigation

For landowners interested in reducing susceptibility to bark beetle attacks there is 50% cost share for Bark Beetle Mitigation available. Funds for bark beetle mitigation are limited and should focus on prevention of bark beetles or mitigation of an ongoing outbreak. The activities include thinning of overstocked conifer stands and slash treatment. Areas adjacent to current bark beetle outbreaks or those in imminent threat will receive highest priority. Project specifications and technical assistance is available through the local ODF office. Contact Stewardship Forester Nick Haile 541 664 3328 (Southwest Oregon District-ODF).

FSA Emergency Forest Restoration Program

The Emergency Forest Restoration Program (EFRP) is available and can cover the costs of reseeding, site prep, reforestation, and slash treatment on burned or drought effected acres. For more information, contact the Farm Service Agency at 541 776 4276. SWO-ODF Cost Share & Incentive Programs

FSA Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

For those interested in riparian management, restoration, streamside plantings and filter strips, the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) can help eligible properties. The program covers 75% of the cost of the planting as well as a rental payment for the acres enrolled in the program. For more information, contact the Farm Service Agency at 541 776 4276.

NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) administers a variety of conservation programs for forestland owners. The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) offers cost share funding for a variety of practices to maintain healthy forest and upland watershed that could include site preparation, tree/shrub planting, thinning, pruning, slash treatment, fuel breaks, post-fire rehabilitation, and reforestation. A management plan is required to participate in this program, but can be cost-shared through EQIP as well. For more information, call the NRCS at 541 423 6175

Fuel Reduction & FIREWISE

Landowners seeking financial assistance for fuels reduction and creating defensible space around their homesites may be eligible for a rebate through the Oregon Department of Forestry or their local rural fire district. Generally, funds are available for the 1-acre homesite; in some cases, funds may be provided for non-commercial thinning and slash reduction beyond the 1-acre homesite. Those interested should contact the Department of Forestry prior to beginning work to arrange for a site visit. Availability of funds depends on the status of grants and may vary from area to area. Contact your local ODF office, Jackson County call 541 664 3328; Josephine County call 541 474 3152)

ODF has assistance through Title III funding for neighborhoods who are Firewise or are working to become Firewise. The Firewise Communities USA recognition program is designed to get landowners involved in modifying the home ignition zone to prevent loss of property during wildfires. The funding provides a coordinator to assist landowners with assessments and provide recommendations. There is also funding for a fuels reduction crew to perform vegetation management within the home ignition zone (up to 200 ft. from home site) for the purpose of fire hazard reduction. For information contact Contact your local ODF office, Jackson County call 541 664 3328; Josephine County call 541 474 3152)

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