About Me

Q1: Why did you choose to go into Computer Science?
When I came to Oregon State I was initially in biochemistry and molecular biology. I wanted to do research with neurodegenerative disorders, but I soon realized I wasn’t up for graduate school and then eventually a post-bacc after. I switched to CS because I worked with computers since high school and felt this was a safe career to head down.

Q2: Why did you choose the projects you did on the survey?  What makes them interesting to you?

I chose the projects because I felt like they were relevant to me. I am interested in web design and app development as I feel like I can see what I am creating and how people will interact with it. I enjoy graphic design and felt these projects would be good for me this passion with computer programming.

Q3: What type of person are you, in terms of a group dynamic?

I am a team player. I am content with leading projects, as I can usually see the larger picture, but I know when it comes down to it I enjoy working in a team. I am very good at communicating and have a good amount of emotional intelligence to navigate group dynamics.

Got any book recommendations?