On Thursday the 28th we will be working with NOC to try and resolve an issue that arose when the 15 subnet was placed behind the new firewall.  Starting at 10pm NOC will re-enable the other member of the VPC and then implement the fix.  We will then verify that things are working as expected.  The estimate is for about 10 minutes total.  During this 10 minute window mail will not be sent, but queued on the webheads.  Those that use proxy.oregonstate.edu will not be able to view the Homepage or any other CWS hosted sites.

Start: 3/28/2013 @ 2200

End: 3/28/2013 @2230

If you have questions or concerns about this maintenance, please contact the Shared Infrastructure Group at osu-sig (at) oregonstate.edu or call 737-7SIG.

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