The University of Idaho’s Brassica Breeding and Research Program put on an excellent field day on July 10th at the University’s Parker Farm outside of Moscow Idaho.  Featured were several presentations by Dr. Jack Brown, leader of the program and plant breeder, and other members of the University of Idaho and Oregon State University faculty working on oilseed crops, including our own Dr. Don Wysocki.

Jim Davis and Jack Brown of the University of Idaho talk about winter canola cultivar performance at the field day. (T.G. Chastain photo)

The program and its cooperators are working on a wide range of projects on oilseed crop improvement, crop management and pest control, and end uses (including biofuels and soil amendments).  Especially interesting was the research on planting winter canola in spring for a forage harvest during summer and then the post-harvest regrowth producing a seed crop in the next harvest season.  Canola, rapeseed, and several types of mustard were among the oilseed crops shown on the tour.

Jack Brown discusses mustard crop breeding at the field day. (T.G. Chastain photo)

To learn more about the University of Idaho program, follow the link below:

Brassica Breeding and Research

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