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  • CS 462 – Blog #2

    My favorite technology is javascript and react.js. I have very limited experience in these areas so I had to learn them. Learning them and implementing them in our project has been a very nice experience. My least favorite would probably be databases. Having them all connect properly with each other and making calls back and […]

  • CS 462 – Blog #1

    One thing from the article “How to Write Clean Code – Tips and Best Practices (Full Handbook)” by Germán Cocca, that I want to start doing more often is efficiency. Understanding and getting better at algorithmic complexity to run a program with the most efficient resource usage in terms of time and space. For example, […]

  • Blog Post 3

    This project has had a lot of success. However, there were some struggles and failures due to misunderstandings in homework assignments. For example, receiving feedback contradicts the actual guidelines. I believe these are just misunderstandings and our team did our best to work around it by doing what we could and improving on what we […]

  • Blog Post #2

    The project has been full of successes! There has been full communication within our group which I believe is the cause of all the success. We plan everything out, each section, each assignment, each job, so that there are no fails and struggles. This course so far has been a good experience, it’s allowing me […]

  • Hello world!

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