Always answer the phone

Ever since getting my current job I told myself I would never not answer a phone call (unless it’s obvious spam). Back in August 2020 it was still pretty fresh into the pandemic for me and I didn’t have much going on besides applying for jobs and playing WoW. Out of the blue I got… Continue reading Always answer the phone

Keeping Notes

Something I’ve learned at my current job is just how valuable it is to take notes and book keep what you do. Not only is note taking helpful for documenting how to go about using a technology, or solve a problem, it also allows you to clearly express your achievements to your boss. Maybe this… Continue reading Keeping Notes

Never Been to Class

I apologize for the clickbait, but it seemed to funny to pass up. Yes I’ve been to a class before, and yes I’ve been to Oregon State University (OSU) before, but never have I taken a class at the actual OSU campus! My journey to OSU is a winding path that started off in rainy… Continue reading Never Been to Class

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!