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Open Access: Where Are We Now?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
12 noon to 1 pm
Linus Pauling Science Center room 402

Presenter: Michael Boock
Head of the Center for Digital Scholarship and Services at OSU Libraries & Press

Michael Boock will provide a brief definition of open access; describe where we are at now in terms of open access prevalence and where we might expect to be in the near future.

Boock will differentiate between gold and green open access, describe the growth or diminution of those two forms of OA around the world, provide examples of each form, and describe existing and emerging gold open access funding models.

Finally, he will touch on the emergence of federal, state and institutional open access policies with a focus on implementation of the OSU open access policy adopted by Faculty Senate in 2013. Potential implementation scenarios for the White House Office of Science and Technology open access policy memorandum and the FASTR legislation will also be reviewed.



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