What’s Most Important To Me

The most important thing in terms of my career development that I have learned in this class are from week four’s lecture, and that is recruitment goals and methodology. While my initial job post graduation is entering into a company’s management training program, my end goal is to one day work at the regional offices… Continue reading What’s Most Important To Me


1. What am I good at? While this is an extremely broad question, the first thing I begin to think of is what my strengths are in the workforce. I am an exceptional writer, as I work for a magazine, and I am also great with numbers considering I have a mathematics minor. As humbly… Continue reading Self-Reflecting

Who Am I?

I decided to take the shorter personality test since I was very busy this week and pressed for time. For the 120 questions asked, I answered them as truthfully and honestly as possible in relation to how I perceive myself. According to the five broad personality domains of the Five-Factor Model, I scored relatively accurate… Continue reading Who Am I?

Consistency Is Key

If I were a business owner, I would choose to hire Jaime. With consistency comes reliability. If I were to hire Avery, she is extremely unreliable and I tend to find that disrespectful at times. They should come to work and want to perform to the best of their ability every time. For Jaime, having… Continue reading Consistency Is Key

My Brand

My brand would be that I am confident and well driven. When it comes to business related events, I speak in a manner that I know what I want and how to achieve it. I am very outgoing, which is shown through my networking skills. My first impression that I present to potential employers would… Continue reading My Brand

Job Description Influence

Instead of describing a past job compared to the job description, I decided to look into my current place of employment. For those of you who have read my previous posts you may know by now that I am currently working for the magazine on campus, Beaver’s Digest. It’s a job I never imagined working… Continue reading Job Description Influence

How Far Is Too Far?

If I came across an article about how my favorite company was faced with a public lawsuit that they were accused of discriminating against individuals from an ethnicity, culture, or belief system, that would absolutely change my opinion on them. Whether I personally was associated with that group of individuals, discrimition in my book is… Continue reading How Far Is Too Far?

Where To Allocate?

An organization might decide to allocate more resources toward marketing or product design rather than using those same resources to do a really good job in employee recruitment and selection for a number of reasons. First, they might be recruiting employees to fill positions that do not require much skill. For example, if they are… Continue reading Where To Allocate?

Perspective Of An Applicant

The last job I had to apply for was the job that I currently work at with Orange Media Network. Since this was an “on-campus” job, I went through the schools website in order to find it. In relation to previous jobs I have applied for, this process was much simpler and smoother compared to… Continue reading Perspective Of An Applicant