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Today’s blog will be talking about teamwork! As we are moving into our 3rd week of the quarter, I am seeing everything slowly come together in terms of what we have to do accomplish for our project. One very important aspect of this project is the teamwork and communication that will be needed in order to succeed.

I believe in previous classes, many of the courses at OSU were all very individualistic. Meaning that the assignments were ones that you did yourself in your own time and then the lectures and materials were also made for self learning. I believe a few classes did incorporate team activities but none as in depth as this class. As we have reached week 3, I believe our team camaraderie is slowly getting better and better.

I like to watch and play sports, especially basketball. And I know that when a team first forms, they don’t always play that well together, even if it is filled with super stars! But as they spend more time together and they build that trust, the team keeps improving and they start winning more. I believe this is a result of trusting one another and also understanding each players’ strengths and weaknesses.

Although a software development team is very different than a basketball team, I believe the principles of teamwork are all the same. I have seen the experiences I mentioned above happen in our own team as time progresses. I think being respectful and understanding of other people’s thought processes is a crucial aspect of good teamwork.

As we progress from week 3 to week 10, I am very excited to see how this team continues to form a stronger bond which then should translate to great software development. I will continue on this topic as the course progresses and update you all on Nos-Fitness!

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