Experiences with Discrimination

Unfortunately in today’s world, conflicting opinions among individuals and statements made create havoc among relationships worldwide. A company accused of widespread discrimination against a certain group of individuals is a deal breaker for many whether or not they continue to support them. Outstanding claims such as discrimination of something that I was apart of or believed in would likely change the way I see a company. However, it depends on the situation and the company. If it’s a company that I like and see great benefit from, I would likely still buy their products. But a company that I might buy a product from once or twice a year and can go without, I likely won’t support them. 

This I believe is like any relationship. In my personal life I have great friends that I disagree with on certain things. This doesn’t change the fact that I still enjoy their presence and will continue to hang out with them even though we disagree on something. 

If a discrimination charge came up and I was directly effected, I would definetly not apply to work for the company in the future. Working and buying from a company in my eyes are two different animals all together. In order for me to want to work somewhere, I would have to agree with and like everything about the company. Having a discrimination charge against them that directly impacts me would bring up red flags in the case of employment. You have to like where you work and if you feel attacked by your employer, the situation will only end poorly. 

Opposition is everywhere in the world today. In the debate as to whether to continue the relationship or end it, you have to take a step back and weigh the positives and negatives of each individual situation.

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