Blog Posts for Capstone – CS 467

  • Blog Post #3

    My thoughts on the journey so far, the pains of 3D in the web, and if my project is on-track to succeed. How is the journey so far? So the above picture kind of summarizes my journey so far – going from frustration to contentment. I started off this second sprint with a fully completed […]

  • Blog Post #2

    My thoughts on AI tools, AI generated art, and why AI will *probably* not take your job. “Will AI take my job?”, is a question a lot of people have been asking recently and a question that is too complex and nuanced to be answered in this blog post. Instead, I will be discussing my […]

  • Blog Post #1

    My thoughts on Computer Science, why I chose the projects I did, and what makes them interesting to me – compiled for the CS 467 Capstone class at OSU I can’t believe that I finally made it here – the final class for this course. I still remember thinking the first time I graduated college, […]