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Accomplishments are meant to be a journey, not the destination.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Challenge yourself. Push yourself. Find your happiness. Never stop learning. Be Effective. Laugh. Cry.

These words all have something in common: a shared goal. These are bits of titles of books all recommended to help your improve yourself, grow. Computer science is all about growth- keep refining, trying, failing, failing smarter, until eventually you get good at something and start the cycle over again. In fact we spend so much time focusing on mastering a skill, becoming the best at something, that we lose sight of the journey. Which, according to those titles, is actually the best part.

As a woman in tech, it’s hard to imagine myself ever being the best, however good I get at one skill. However, in this journey of failing and succeeding, I have learned that by owning and relishing the small moments, pushing myself to learn better, different, or in a different way, has in fact set me apart to be the best at something. At least briefly. This semester, it’s seeking out challenge. I’ve identified where my weaknesses are, I have pushed myself out there to the very limits of them, and I am grasping for challenge at every turn (don’t worry, I’ve already found plenty!). And in that way, continuing the journey that could very easily feel like an end to an outsider, but still very much feels like the beginning. And I am totally okay with that.

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