Whooooo boy. This is a topic that I am all too familiar with. Luckily this is a shared human experience and thus I do not always have to feel like I am the only one that goes through this (as much as the fear itself gives a false sense of isolation in our problems). I’m… Continue reading Fear


While my previous post focused on curiousness as an engineer, the ability to be an open-minded one is equally as important. The two traits are closely related, and I agree with the delineation between then as laid out by the London School of Economics. Individuals who are ‘open to experience’ are defined as those who… Continue reading Openness


One thing that I notice about Software Engineers is an ever-present curiosity. This is a fundamental denominator that all progressing SWE’s have and that it’s a requirement to continue cultivating this mentality in order to progress as an engineer – both the engineering career and the engineer as an individual. This statement comes from the… Continue reading Curiousness

Hello world!

This is my final quarter at OSU and whew, what a run it’s been! And what a run it’s going to be in this new career that I am excited to begin. This blog contains my musings throughout the Winter Capstone course.