Oak Creek is a fourth-order stream which flows west to east from the Coast Range to the Marys River in Corvallis, one of the five major Coast Range tributaries of the Willamette River. The study site is adjacent to the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis, OR near the covered bridge on Midge Cramer Path between 35th Street and 53rd Street, and south of Harrison Blvd. At RM 14, parallel to the covered bridge on Midge Cramer Path, a collapsed culvert was replaced with a large, corrugated metal arch culvert with a simulated stream bottom in 2007. Prior to the replacement of the culvert (2007) and annually for two years after (2008, 2009), topographic and sediment data were collected by OSU and EPA crews. The study reach extended 150 m upstream and downstream of the culvert. Topographic survey consisted of cross sections spaced 5-10 meters apart and a longitudinal profile along the thalweg. Sediment sampling consisted of surface particle counts within the active channel at transects spaced 5 meters apart.

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