The Top Companies to Work For and How HR Has an Impact

HR Practices Implemented

Edward Jones

Edward Jones

Employees of Edward Jones share that over their time working for the company it has maintained its quality of being collaborative and ensuring that people know they matter. The leaders of Edward Jones are proud in showing their employees respect and empathy, as well as supporting employees’ personal lives and their career development. The workplace of Edward Jones ensures that its people feel a sense of belonging and have a strong network of people they can be supported by. This type of culture that is present at Edward Jones goes to show just how strong the HR department is and how long they have been working towards implementing programs and practices to maintain employee retention and satisfaction to create a positive work environment.


The logo of networking gear maker Cisco Systems Inc is seen during GSMA’s 2022 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain February 28, 2022. REUTERS/Nacho Doce

The employees of CISCO share that the company truly cares about its people, which can be seen through their “a day for me” program where they will take certain days off throughout the year to allow employees to get a break and recharge. This HR practice is incredibly valuable and usually results in increased productivity and employee satisfaction and retention, and is something that a lot of companies have been implementing more and more recently. To add on to this awesome program, CISCO also has a company-wide shut down at the end of the year to allow its employees to have plenty of valuable time with their families over the holiday break. Continuing to strengthen their HR and business practices, CISCO has a strong sense of care for the environment, social justice, and DEI action. Employees of CISCO have shared that the leadership team at the executive level is not one to shy away from facing and talking about the many challenges facing our society and certain groups of people and taking a strong stance on it. To close out a great showcase of all that CISCO has to offer for employees, HR wants to ensure that the company is an inclusive place for all to work and succeed.



Hilton is consistently rated at the top of the list for the best places to work and not for little evidence supporting why. Employees share that Hilton has one of the most welcoming and caring cultures out there and it does not stop at that. Additionally Hilton managers and leaders genuinely care and take an interest in the employees lives and don’t just check on the work and performance of the employees but also check in on their life and how things are going for them personally. One manager even sent a simple text to an employee that was going through a move wishing them well and good luck on the move. These actions may seem like simple tasks and straying away from the work to be done but they ultimately improve the lives of the employees and make a big difference when it comes to employee retention and satisfaction. Additionally, Hilton provides a psychologically safe work environment for its employees and allows them to take calculated risks to grow their careers, personal experiences, and help the company succeed. The HR department at Hilton is going about business the right way and making sure that not only are they succeeding as a company but also making sure their employees succeed in both work and their personal lives.

HR & How I Hope To Be Influenced by Its Practices

The type of manager that I’d like to be in the future is one that many look to for guidance, support, and strategy. I hope to be effective in my role as a leader and be someone that will hold others accountable and help them accomplish the goals and successes of the organization, but also help them accomplish their personal goals. While I hope to hold others accountable, I also hope to be someone that is connected with my employees on a personal level and allow them to feel comfortable in coming to me with questions, concerns, and to seek advice. I hope to be able to provide that support before it is needed to be requested by asking questions and checking in often. One of the big challenges that I may face as a manager is hiring diverse and well qualified candidates for roles. Although I am not against diversity in the workforce, I am aware of my lack of diversity compared to other groups and know that statistics show that employers or managers tend to hire similar candidates to themselves. I would be worried about doing this and preventing the workplace I am hiring for to be a diverse and effective workforce to reach ultimate success. Another challenge I would be worried about facing as a manager would be employee retention and engagement as we live in a world where employees bounce from job to job over such a short period of time I would be worried about ensuring I could prevent this from happening at my company.


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