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  • Labor Unions

    Labor unions and the value they provide can often be a controversial or at least very complex conversation to have. To some people labor unions provide protection and a safety net to ensure stability and a guarantee on the job they have while making sure they have their rights being recognized. To others labor unions […]

  • Workplace Health & Safety Issues: What Organizations Are Worried About & Doing to Help

    Workplace health and safety issues are always at the forefront for concern for organizations and for good reason. Without adequate monitoring and practices to help improve these issues, organizations people will struggle and so will the organization. According to the National Institutes of Health, “Common health problems due to stress are acid peptic disease, alcoholism, […]

  • The Impact of Compensation On Employee Behavior

    Compensation can have dramatic effects on employee behavior and adequate compensation can lead to great positive outcomes for organizational performance and conversely sup par compensation can lead to negative performance metrics for an organization. According to New City Insurance, “Fair compensation and benefits can lead to greater job satisfaction, meaning employees are happy in their […]

  • Effective Training

    There are a lot of things that go into training programs and the planning behind them, and if certain steps are missed it can lead to a lack of success in training. Some of the things that are important to include in a training program are as follows.  My Experience With An Effective Course I […]

  • Implicit Attitude Test – Career Gender

    The Implicit Association Test (IAT) completed provided that my data suggested no automatic association of Women with Family and Men with Careers. The study was utilized to provide a better understanding of what predicts attitudes toward abortion, however, the disclaimer stated that the results are not a definitive assessment of my implicit preference. According to […]

  • Effective & Ineffective Interviews

    Why Effective Interviews Matter Conducting interviews is a critical step in getting to know the candidate or applicant, as well as get the answers you need and want to hear, or maybe don’t want to hear. However, conducting interviews is not as easy as sitting down and asking some questions. It takes a lot of […]

  • Job Descriptions & The Ever Changing Workplace

    My Experience With Job Descriptions I have mostly been self employed in my work experience, however the few roles that I have had working for others the job descriptions were extremely minimal or non existent. In my first work experience I was a salad side chef, which entailed prepping food before we opened and then […]

  • The Top Companies to Work For and How HR Has an Impact

    HR Practices Implemented Edward Jones Employees of Edward Jones share that over their time working for the company it has maintained its quality of being collaborative and ensuring that people know they matter. The leaders of Edward Jones are proud in showing their employees respect and empathy, as well as supporting employees’ personal lives and […]

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