My Take on McLuhan’s Theories

I personally really enjoyed reading and watching videos on McLuhan. It gave me a new idea on how to approach technology and design. McLuhan had a very unique perspective on media that led to great theories. I agree to many of them, but also have some doubts and critique. I would say that his idea of “Media is the Message” is perfectly reasonable, his theory on hot versus cool media can be less present to today, and the presence of a global village is correct.

McLuhan’s most popular theory on media being the underlying message is a solid and intriguing point. I have never really noticed the great impact of media on the human senses until now. McLuhan’s theory is also so wonderful, because it is applicable to any decade. In my mind, the overall message behind McLuhan’s theory is to appreciate technological advancements and its effects on human interaction and lifestyles. Although, if everyone had the idea of “Media is the Message” ingrained into their head, graphic design would be less relevant. People would appreciate a poster’s historical background first before noticing any designed message it contains. The possibility of this isn’t likely however.

Secondly, I agree with the points made by McLuhan on “hot” or “cold” media, but I see it being less relevant as time goes on. McLuhan was an intellectual guy, therefore he probably realized that technology is growing at a rapid pace. Now that old media, such as film and the radio, are dying out, the gap between “hot” and “cold” media is narrowing. The new generation uses Netflix, TikTok, and Twitter. All of which are quite “cold”. Technology has turned society into a “cold” one. Kids are stuck on their phones or computers, because it requires much participation. This has a direct relationship to McLuhan’s global village.

Lastly, I would agree with McLuhan’s theory that we live in a global village. The internet connects people through technology. Every bit of media (social media, politics, world news, entertainment, etc.) could be discussed about with others through the internet. There is no need to meet with others in person now days. Whether this is a good thing or bad, I do believe it can be detrimental to our physical and mental health. People are meant to go outside and gather. In spite of that, the global village is present and will only grow as time goes on.

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