Hello world!

Welcome to my first ever blog for CS-467 Capstone class. As my first blog I will talk about feelings for the start of this class and what to get out of it. 

Initial Feelings

Pretty exited about this class, as it marks part of the final classes to take until I graduate (2 more classes after this class). The class hasn’t started officially yet, but there is a lot of material to cover since the Professors already released some material, such as creating this blog, discussion posts, picking groups, and selecting the top 6 projects. A little overwhelming, but I’m sure once I get into the groove of a selected group and project, it should smooth out. 


Hoping to get a pretty good group and one of the projects that I select. It’s always nerve wrecking to see what groups to get. Never know what kind of members would be in the group. Will they be helpful, too technically advanced that I can’t help, or just not present? However, over the past years while in OSU, my groups in other classes have always been good, so I’m sure it should work out. Plus many of the students in this class are also finishing up, so I’m sure they would like to end on a good note.


Looking over the list of projects, I’m quite impressed. There are all sorts of projects ranging from full stack web development, mobile development, or machine learning. I don’t quite have any experience with mobile development or machine learning, so not trying to aim for those types of projects. I do have more experience with full stack, Next.js, node.js, MySQL, GraphQL, JWT Authentication, and UI libraries. I am aiming for the following projects:

  1. Crowd-source Travel Planner
  2. Opinionated Project Management Website
  3. GPT API Challenge
  4. Crowd-sourced Shopping App
  5. Dating app for animal adoption
  6. Job Tracker


So the expectations I have from this class is to learn to work with a larger group of developers on the same project, hosting the project, learning new technologies, and hopefully have a great working application. Having these experiences will hopefully carry over to my current Co-Op and future career in software development.