Addressing Burnout

Burn Baby Burn I, as many in software/engineering, have experienced burnout. While I cannot speak to other industries and the rate of burnout, I do know it is rampant in software. I can see it in the eyes of coworkers that they too have fallen victim. Burnout makes you want to snap at those around… Continue reading Addressing Burnout

SAFe Agile Rant

Confession: I Hate SAFe Agile I’ve only worked in a SAFe Agile environment so I cannot speak for other mumbo-jumbo forms of Agile, but I see little practical benefits from a developer’s perspective. The benefits touted from SAFe Agile are that it speeds up development times 10x and is able to create a more effective… Continue reading SAFe Agile Rant


Nice to Meet You Hello everybody out there. If you find yourself reading this, it’s not too late to turn back. If you proceed onwards, you’ve been warned. Prepare to step into the life of a painfully average student in Oregon State’s postbacc CS program and early career professional in the aerospace industry. With this… Continue reading Introduction

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