The Gender Lens Project is now Live!

I’m excited to say that the Gender Lens project is now up on the blog.  Keep in mind that it will receive massive editing in the next week, and feel free to leave your constructive criticism.  The hardest part of this project for me was finding information on biological and political factors of USB flash drives.  I still have not found information on these topics.  I knew that biological and political factors would be the hardest to research about, so I asked an OSU librarian for help.  I’m sorry to say I still have not heard back.  Hopefully, I will soon.

In the next week, I will be adding media to the webpages.  I have a lot planned: schematics, diagrams, educational images, and more!   I’ve even found a video on making USB flash drives!  I hope you all are excited.

As for acquiring new skills, I’d say that I didn’t really learn anything new skill-wise on this project.  Most of what I have learned was during the Cultural Research project.  I did definitely learn a lot more about USB flash drives.  I didn’t realize such a simple device has such complex social factors.  It didn’t really occur to me how far-reaching the issue of spreading viruses and other dangerous files really is.  I also had no idea there was so much involved in the production of USB flash drives.  I’m excited to learn more in the coming week!

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