Week 1 Recap

I am very excited to blog about my progress for WS 320: Gender & Technology.  I’ve blogged before; I used to blog about my experiences in an online role-playing game (World of Warcraft).  I am happy to be blogging once again.  I am quite familiar with WordPress and have found its interface to be quite easy to follow.  I had no difficulty in setting up my blog space within blogs.oregonstate.edu, and I found writing my first post to be quite fun.  Setting up an email signature was also quite easy.  When I first created my personal Gmail account, I used to change my signature quite frequently.  I still use the Gmail client to look at email (both personal and ONID), so I had no problems adding a signature to my ONID address.  I also decided to try out the text-to-speech application provided by Windows for reading webpages, but decided I liked reading them the old-fashioned way.  I may continue messing around with text-to-speech if I have free time, but I couldn’t immediately figure out how to get the application to only read what’s on the webpage (rather than including web addresses, keystrokes, and other annoying extras).

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