As a bonus, there are two posts this week (I won’t be posting next week…Thanksgivukkah thanksgivukkah image).

I keep getting comments about my post “Is this post making a difference” and the subsequent posts related to that.  (The survey is closed–has been for a long time.)  Although I was looking for some tangible measure of difference (i.e., what is the merit, worth, value of this blog), I find that this post elicits more positive comments than not.  Although I still get the random advertising post on that blog, I mostly get thought provoking comments about how it is or can be making a difference.  I also get the comment at least weekly that says my blog isn’t making any difference to the reader (perhaps the reader needs to follow the blog across time rather than just reading this post) …sigh…

One comment I received this week said, “I can confirm that the information that you share has: 1) made sense; 2) made a difference; 3)  been worthwhile.  Keep it up; don’t stop.”  Nice.  Not specific; still nice.  That the blog is being read is important.  That people take the time to comment is important.  That this venue is valuable to many is important.

I get positive comments on my writing; I get positive comments on my content.  I’m an evaluator.  I want to know what difference this information is making in your life.  This is a program and it needs to be evaluated.  And number of page views isn’t the answer.

So I ask you to keep commenting, that way I know the blog is being read.  That way I know I am making a difference.

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2 thoughts on “Update.

  1. HI
    In order for you know what difference a post is making is simply to use analystics. You did say you get positive comments on your content, but comments do not reflect the importance of a post or how many people actually enjoy reading it.
    Like i said, you have to use some sort of analytics.

    But dont stop writing, just because you receive low comments.

    I enjoy reading your posts. So keep going.:)

  2. Have set up analytics…and they provide interesting data. Being a mixed method researcher, I value comments. The number of comments that say little specific regarding my posts is disappointing, however. I will keep blogging, regardless.

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