Best Companies To Work For

Practicing HR

Edward Jones Employees – Edward Jones is a financial services firm that values its employees and practices HR by offering a supportive and inclusive work environment. The company puts first employee development, providing comprehensive training and coaching programs. They also offer competitive benefits, flexible work arrangements, and recognition programs to encourage a healthy work-life balance. Edward Jones values diversity and inclusivity, promoting equality and providing opportunities for career advancement regardless of an individual’s background. Additionally, the company fosters open communication and feedback, promoting a culture of collaboration and growth.

Edward Jones

American Express Employees – American Express values its employees and offers a range of benefits and programs to support growth and development. They focus on diversity and inclusion, promote open communication, and recognize employee achievements.

American Express

CarMax Employees – CarMax, the largest used-car retailer in the United States, practices HR by underlining employee expansion and growth. The company offers competitive benefits and comprehensive training programs. CarMax fosters a culture of inclusion, promoting diversity and equal opportunity. Additionally, they provide opportunities for career advancement and recognize employee achievements, creating a supportive work environment.

Manager I’d Like To Be

The type of manager I strive to be is a successful one. This obviously sounds like the dream of every manager but I think there are a few crucial qualities and or steps to becoming a manger. In my eyes I think a successful manager creates organizational purpose with team goals, delegates tasks effectively, and communicates effectively, respectfully, and efficiently. A successful manager also sets up their team for success by inspiring, pushing, and encouraging them to work hard and submit their best work. Successful managers accept failure and determine their employees to learn from failure and achieve success.


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