Pros and Cons of Using AI

So this has been really interesting.
When ChatGPT first came out, without having to use it.
My first reaction about it was that… it was probably just going to be another failure like the Tesla autopilot thing.
So I simply did not pay a lot of attention to it and just put it behind the back burner.
Then it was until this quarter, when I learned that we had to use AI to code our group project. I then had my first experience with ChatGPT.
I must say… I have been very very very impressed!!!

And here is why…

I honestly think that one day ChatGPT will take over Google (assuming Google doesn’t come out with their own version, which I doubt).
Here is a quick example I can give to you right away to justify my statement.
Supposedly I want to bake a freshly painted plastic car interior trim in the oven for an x amount of minutes.
If I ask ChatGPT versus doing a query on Google.
Google would only give me a list of links and descriptions along with many garbage ads.
I’d have to go through each one of them and do comparison and then use my own judgement to figure out which info is accurate.
Some would say 300F for 10 min, some say do not exceed 160F for a few min only.

Whereas if I ask ChatGPT, it would give me a very detailed explanation on what is ‘paint baking on plastic trims’, and how I need to be aware of there are different types of paint and that I should find out limitations from manufacturers.
In a nutshell, it would give me a very solid answer with extra/bonus information about what I am trying to achieve.
I must say it’s very incredible how far AI has come in terms of providing solutions.

And then academically…
I must say it’s been really really really awesome as well.
I could literally type in a block of code in any language that has defects.
ChatGPT would auto correct it for me… not only it would fix, it would explain the code in every part of it as well.
It’s essentially a great learning tool for students in any level.
You will never get that benefit by doing a Google search, you’d have to decipher the information you get from Google yourself.
So I honestly think that if you are new to coding, ChatGPT would be a great study buddy to sharpen your skills.
The learning curve would be shorten immensely.

Now let’s talk about the cons it has…
It cannot search anything personal yet. For example, for privacy issue/reason, you cannot look up any person’s info/records/addresses.
Also you cannot do shopping on it, unlike Google shopping, you can buy stuff while searching for stuff you’d wanna purchase.
You cannot search for any video feeds yet. I think all the things I described above, some day the AI will figure out what to do.
So more to come for sure!!!

One last thing to mention, I’ve seen people using AI to generate scripts to pass their job interviews, this is an ethical issue and not the tools fault.
Job interviews should be conducted onsite in my opinion.
That’s just my two cents.