Senioritis (among other plagues)

Merriam-Webster defines senioritis as “an ebbing of motivation and effort by school seniors as evidenced by tardiness, absences, and lower grades.” In other words, it’s the tendency of nearly graduated students to preemptively feel done. According to a survey referenced in the illustrious Scot Scoop journal, 72% of seniors admit to having senioritis. The remainder… Continue reading Senioritis (among other plagues)

My First Foray in Flutter

Most of my peers have jumped at the opportunity to take courses in mobile application development. Personally, I’ve avoided mobile development for a handful of reasons: I’ve never really enjoyed the ‘mobile app’ experience. The most likely reason for that is that I’ve never had a phone or tablet that’s fast enough to make the… Continue reading My First Foray in Flutter

Where’d all the time go?: the Unix time Epochalypse of 2038.

Here we are: the fall of 2021 and my final quarter at Oregon State University. Since I’d rather not write a boring retrospective on how much I’ve learned & grown (yawn — call me when somebody learns how to un-grow), and since the class this blog is named for is still in the process of kicking off, I’m going to use my first post as an opportunity to talk about a topic that interests me: time.

To be specific, I’m going to make this post about Unix time, the coolest, most intuitive, and easiest-to-read form of timekeeping. To be even more specific, this post is about how Unix time will ruin everything and leave us sifting through sand on a barren Earth after it launches the technological apocalypse.

Hello world!

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