There has been an explosion in people keeping bees for a hobby. But for many, beekeeping is a bigger commitment than they expected. This week we are joined by Carolyn Breece who will help you figure out if beekeeping for you and what’s involved in getting started. 

Carolyn Breece supports the field research of the OSU Honey Bee Lab. She manages the lab’s 80 research and educational colonies, preparing them for experiments, and collecting data. She also teaches classes and workshops to community beekeepers, OSU undergraduates, and Oregon Master Beekeeper participants.

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BEEvent 2020 (March 7, Albany, OR)
Oregon Coast Honey Lovers Festival (May 10, Yachats, OR)

3 thoughts on “130 – Carolyn Breece – Should you keep bees?

  1. Excellent – PolliNation Podcast – Carolyn.
    The hard work, expense and anxiety are all cancelled by your smile.


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