Literacy on pollinator biology and ecology in the US is poor. But schools can be skittish about insects, especially bees, and teachers lack resources to make pollinator education come alive. This week we hear about an initiative that to get around these obstacles – The Bee Cause Project. 

Megan Swanson currently serves as the Programs Manager for The Bee Cause Project, an organization with the goal to create the next generation of environmental stewards through the lessons of our friends, the honeybees. She is a beekeeper, writer, and environmental advocate with the intention of helping people reconnect with their environment.  

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Bee Cause Project
Observation Hive
Karl von Frisch (The Dance Language and Orientation of Bees, 1967)
Megan’s Book Recommendation: Bees: A Honeyed History (Piotr Socha, 2017), Honey Bee Democracy (Tom Seeley)
Megan’s Tool Recommendation: Campus habitat
Megan’s Favorite Pollinator: Monarch Butterfly

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