Public outreach may seem simple, but impactful and effective outreach is an art. Bonnie Shoffner from Portland Metro is a real pro at pulling off pollinator outreach events and this week she shares here secrets for success.  Bonnie is the Restoration Volunteer Coordinator at Metro.

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Links Mentioned:

Metro – Portland (Pollinators)
Native plants for Willamette Valley yards booklet (Metro)

Metro Native Plant Center
Oregon Zoo Education Center

Bonnie’s Book Recommendation: The Bees in Your Backyard: A Guide to North America’s Bees (Wilson and Carril, 2015)

Bonnie’s Go to Tool: Which bee are you most like game (8 bees with different personalities, Oregon Bee Project)?

Favorite Pollinator: Bumble bees (PNW Bumble Bees color chart for females, Xerces Society)

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