Smoke Regulations: Decrease regulations to allow for more prescribed burning and an increase in the amount of air pollution allow for a prescribed burn. Education and Outreach: Start creating outreach programs for local communities that are in WUI hazard areas to educate on the importance of firewising, how to protect their property, and help reduce… Continue reading Recommendations:


The 2017 and 2018 wildfire seasons cost 2.9 billion and 3.1 billion dollars. This is an issue because spending money on fire suppression only makes future wildfires more severe.  More money should be allocated to fire restoration and science-based adaptive management systems.  A focus on fire restoration and prevention will decrease future severe wildfires while… Continue reading Highlights:

Fast Facts:

In 2019,the U.S. Forest Service spent $1,150,000,000 on fire suppression, alone. The 10 year average is $1,437,746,333.  Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas are increasingly expanding, therefore the need for wildfire protection areas is increasing.  Regulations on smoke management are hindering the ability to use fire as a forest management tool (prescribed burning). With short burn… Continue reading Fast Facts:

Policy Brief Narrated Presentation

Policy Brief Narrated Presentation on “The United States Forest Service spends too much money on fire suppression and not enough on fire restoration.” By: Hunter Black-Priest, Chad Roose and Rebecca Patterson