Data Warehouse

Hello everyone, today I will be writing about data warehouses. This topic is fresh in my mind because the company I work for is thinking about upgrading their reporting system. Some of the concepts relating to data warehouses are a bit abstract, so I would recommend finding online resources that go more in-depth. My coworkers… Continue reading Data Warehouse

Design Patterns

Hi everyone! Today I will we writing about design patterns in computer science. This is a topic that I initially undervalued and did not bother to learn in depth. However, a recent project I worked on has changed that perspective. I am currently on my second MECOP internship, and my primary project has been algorithmic… Continue reading Design Patterns

Progressive Web Apps

Welcome to by blog for capstone! By this point in college, I have done many discussion posts, but this is my first time doing this specific format. I am currently on my second MECOP internship, so hopefully that will provide me with some inspiration throughout the term! As an aspiring full stack developer, I try… Continue reading Progressive Web Apps