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    Unity is a powerful game engine that initially presented a steep learning curve to me. It was a bit hard to understand its interface and its C# scripting. However, once I overcame these challenges, I came to appreciate Unity’s incredible capabilities in game development. Its ability to deploy projects across multiple platforms makes it an…

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    Based on the articles I read about clean code from Codacy and Pluralsight, one thing I’d like to start doing more often is writing short functions that only do one thing. This idea is based on the single responsibility principle (SRP), which says that a function should have one purpose and perform it effectively. If…

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    Hello! My name is Phillip and I live in Los Angeles. I’ve pretty much lived here my whole life and love the area. I have a total of 7 pets with my partner, 2 dogs and 5 guinea pigs and they’re really the best. I got started with computers like most 90s kids. Browsing and…

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