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  • Technologies

    Favorite New Technology To give some background, our project, the EECS Community of Practice Mentor Matching site, background, is a web-based, UI application. To build this UI we are using the JavaScript library, React, as our technology of choice. In particular, we are using React with Typescript, which adds strong typing to React. React builds […]

  • Clean Code and Code Smells

    What I Want to Do More In the chapter Bad Code Smells from the book Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code, Martin Fowler recommends that if you feel the need to comment a block of code, you should just write a new method instead. Following this heuristic helps to make code cleaner as long […]

  • Picking a Hosting Platform

    Regardless of the type of application, online applications need a few key pieces of infrastructure to be accessible securely and reliably online. This includes some sort of server to host the content of the site, networking infrastructure to route traffic to and from the server, and a firewall to protect against unauthorized or malicious traffic. […]

  • Challenges of a Continuing Project

    Project Background The EECS Community of Practice Mentor Matching site is a site where students can go to find mentorship from others within the EECS program. This site is a web based application where the student provides their interests and some demographic information, and an algorithm uses that information to match them with people who […]

  • My Journey To 2023

    My Journey In Education So Far This year marks the 6th year that I’ll be attending college / university. I took my first college course in 2016 at my local community college in Sacramento California. I had no idea what I wanted to do after high school aside from finding a field that was challenging […]

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